Current post: Selling Agilent Framescope 350 – We Buy New Used Framescope 350 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Agilent Framescope 350 – We Buy New Used Framescope 350 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Agilent Framescope 350 w/ MM Fiber SmartProbes

The Framescope 350 is a truly innovative hand-held tester that combines an excellent network discovery tool with a complete suite of network and server diagnostic tests and a full Cat 6 cable test and verification option. The unit is operated by simply touching the large touch-sensitive colour screen and an intuitive “drill-down” menu approach takes you logically through each test step.

Features at a glance

– First-of-its-kind innovative performance test suite that measures & rates the response times of key network resources such as web, file, e-mail, print DNS and DHCP servers
– Easy to use color touch screen interface minimizes training requirements
– Network discovery lets users survey the network and generate a complete list of workstations, switches, routers, servers and other network devices
– Verifies performance of vital network services as well as full Category 6 cable certification
– Complete network testing that quickly isolates protocol, configuration, performance and cabling problems
– Detailed network test reports via the web interface and the included ScopeData Pro software produces graphical cable test reports
– Remote control through a web browser allows operation from location on the network

* Easy network installation and management

The FrameScopeTM 350 features an easy-to-use color touch screen and a powerful network discovery capability that allows network installation and maintenance technicians to easily survey the network and generate a complete list of workstations, switches, routers, servers and other network devices.

* Pinpoint errors and misconfigurations to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot network problems

Users can identify 10/100 Mbps Ethernet utilization, broadcasts, collisions and errors – or quickly pinpoint incorrectly assigned subnet masks, misconfigured servers, and duplicate IP addresses.

The FrameScope 350 rapidly discovers and displays all devices in a switched network, giving support staff instant visibility into the IP and IPX devices on different subnets, along with their MAC addresses, Network addresses, and names.

* Exceptionally easy to use and understand

Navigation is achieved simply by touching the item in which you are interested. Each touch drills you down into more detail or to the point you wish to test.

* Performance evaluations to automate and simplify network service testing and pre-qualification

Users can measure how long it takes to download a file or Web page from a specific server on the network using the FrameScopeTM 350 Autotest, eliminating the expense and complexity of performance baselining.

Useful for both network troubleshooting and pre-qualification, the unique Autotest feature allows automatic measurement and reporting of the performance of common network services using objective performance metrics.

* Perform Category 6 and Fiber Optic Cable testing to certify physical cabling infrastructure
Installation technicians can fully test and certify to TIA and international cabling and networking standards. The FrameScopeTM 350 measures length, and noise level, and – with a DualRemote 350 connected to the opposite end of the cable – performs complete cable certification testing including Category 6 / Class E.

Unlike other analyzers, it’s no longer necessary to carry a separate cable tester for certification .

* Remote control for remote office support or historical data collection
Network managers and senior technicians can assist on-site personnel directly from the central office using the FrameScopeTM 350’s web-based remote control capability. In addition, the FrameScope can be placed strategically within the network and controlled remotely to gather statistics over time or perform troubleshooting functions. Test results can be saved to produce professional-quality graphical reports, which can be printed or viewed online.

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* Multimode Fiber Test Adapters

A high performance optical fiber power meter or loss meter. The Fiber SmartProbe product line consists of a family of fiber optic test probes that measure optical loss, length and propagation delay and tests fibers in pairs or individually.

The Multimode Fiber SmartProbes provide simultaneous loss testing on each fiber at 850 and 1300 nm. Fiber SmartProbes provide loss and length testing for multimode and singlemode Fiber optic cable.

ScopeData Pro is a Windows based software application that allows downloading, printing, and analysis of copper and fiber cable test results. The software is included at no extra charge.

Features include:
• Prints professional-quality preformatted graphic test reports, complete with logos and data plots.
• Uploads copper and fiber test results.
• Limit Wizard function enables user to pre-configure and lock test settings for multiple FrameScope 350/ WireScope 350/WireScope 155 units to ensure consistency.
• Organizes cable tests by site, building, floor, wiring closet, etc., to simplify record navigation.
• Application can be freely distributed with test results to
facilitate customer access to on-line test reports.
• Stores test data in Microsoft Access database format.
• Can be integrated with popular cable management software solutions.
• The software is the ideal system for organizing and analyzing electronic test results for large projects or sites.

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