Current post: Selling Agilent Framescope 350 – We Buy New Used Framescope 350 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Agilent Framescope 350 – We Buy New Used Framescope 350 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Agilent Framescope 350 Cat6 Network Perfmnc Anlyzr

Features :

• Auto Network Discovery automatically surveys the network and generates a complete list of workstations, switches, routers, servers and other network devices.
• Application performance testing allows for quick isolation of protocol, configuration, performance and cabling problems.
• RFC 2544 performance benchmarking.
• Full screen color LCD for clear and complete display of results.
• Touch-screen interface enhances user friendliness.
• Cable certification testing with an optional DualRemoteTM 350 – complete cable testing and network testing all in one box.
• Remote control via any web browser allows troubleshooting, monitoring and reporting from central office, eliminating costly dispatches.

Discover Network Problems Automatically :
The FrameScopeTM 350 Auto-Discovery tool allows you to find all your key network devices, components and network problems instantly. The FrameScopeTM 350 rapidly discovers and displays all devices in a switched network, giving support staff instant visibility into the IP and IPX devices on different subnets, along with their MAC addresses, network addresses and names.

Pinpoint Errors and Misconfigurations to Quickly Diagnose and Troubleshoot Network Problems :
At the touch of one button, view key network data and statistics quickly with the unique advanced Autotest. Users can identify 10/100 Mbps Ethernet utilization, broadcasts, collisions and errors or pinpoint incorrectly assigned subnet masks, misconfigured servers and duplicate IP addresses. With FrameScopeTM 350’s advanced Autotest, the root cause of your problem will be found in minutes.

Automated Performance Evaluation Simplifies Network Testing :
FrameScopeTM 350 uses an innovative technique to objectively measure and benchmark network performance. Useful for both network troubleshooting and pre-qualification, it is the only handheld analyzer that can automatically measure and report the performance of common network services using customizable objective performance metrics.

RFC 2544 Performance Benchmark Testing :
The FrameScopeTM 350 is a powerful Ethernet deployment tool capable of throughput and latency measurements for SLA verification or performance testing. The FrameScopeTM 350 uses a standardized point-to-point testing method defined by RFC 2544. The test results can be stored on the CompactFlashTM card and printed via the remote interface.

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Store and Print :
Store test results on the CompactFlashTM card and print via the remote control interface.

Complete Cable Certification with FrameScopeTM 350.
FrameScopeTM 350 is the only handheld tool that troubleshoots both your network and physical layer. 15% of today’s connectivity and accessibility problems are in the physical layers. The FrameScopeTM 350 combined with the optional DualRemoteTM 350, performs complete cable test per TIA, Category 3 through to Category 6 and international standards, Class B through to Class E standards. With the Fiber SmartProbes, complete fiber cable certification per TIA and international standards for multimode and single mode fiber cables can be performed.

Functionality :
10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface Category 6 / Class E cable certification.

Supported Protocols :

Supported Tests :
• Autotest email, web, file, DNS, DHCP, WNS, Novell, print, FTP, Primary DC, Secondary DC servers, switches and routers.
• Ping, Trace Route and SNMP queries verify connectivity to user defined devices.
• Statistics give a snapshot of network condition.
• Traffic generator.
• RFC 2544 test measures throughput, delay and variation across Ethernet networks.
• Blink Hub Port locates live network cable connection.
• Network database stores information.
• Wiremap test using the wiremap adapter (Wiremap adapter included).

Power :
Removable/Rechargeable NiMH batteries Battery life: 5 to 8 hours of operation.

DualRemoteTM 350 (option N2610A-100).
• Adds Level III Category 6 / Class E cable certification and troubleshooting, including precise distance to fault.
• Complete WireScopeTM 350 functionality, see WireScopeTM 350 specifications for details.

Interface :
2.38″ x 6.25″ (60 mm x 160 mm) touchsensitive color LCD display screen.

Dimensions :
Size: 9″ x 4.5″ x 2.6″ (228 mm x 114 mm x 66 mm).
Weight: 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kilograms).

Ports :
– Intelligent Test Port
– Serial Port
– Universal Serial Bus
– Talkset Interface: 3.5 mm stereo jack

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