Current post: Selling Agilent N2648A-100 – We Buy New Used N2648A-100 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Agilent N2648A-100 – We Buy New Used N2648A-100 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Agilent N2648A-100 Alien Crosstalk Stimulator Kit New

SwiftAXT (Sweep Interleaved Frequency Domain Testing of Alien X-Talk) technology achieves sequential measurements through control of measurement timing.

The Stimulator is a high performance, low cost, palm size frequency generator that doubles as a load termination for use in Alien Crosstalk measurements.

For cable vendors, it is for the usage in the lab to have better yield in the manufacturing mass test of the 10Gbps cables.

For cable installers, it is aimed for the new 10GbE installation and the upgrade of the existing network. The cable vendors need to have a better yield in the 10G cable manufacturing mass test and ideally the test is to be done within a short time, 2 minutes or less per link.

To cable installers who perform the new installation in the field, high success rate in the network implementation is crucial and it boosts the work efficiency if the job could be done with short test time.

To cable installers who carry out the upgrade of existing network, it is expected to have better yield in the asset upgrade and the task is to be done in short period of test time.

The cable installers need to:
• Evaluate a cable and verify its alien cross-talk performance meets requirements for 10GBASE-T.
• Find out the worst disturbing cable from a group of cables affecting a disturbed cable.
• Find out the cable that is most vulnerable to Alien Crosstalk.

Operation Modes
• Stimulator supports frequency sweep (transmit), termination and calibration modes.
• For each configuration, Stimulator will support the following use models:

Frequency Sweep Initiated by the Local Unit
• In this mode, Stimulator will make continuous sweeps from 1 – 500 MHz. It will set the Remote Stimulator in termination mode.
• Local Stimulator can set Remote Stimulator to generate continuous sweeps. In this case, the Local Stimulator will automatically set in termination mode.
• Both Stimulator units cannot sweep simultaneously. However, both Stimulator units can be in termination mode at the same time.
• Red LED – Fault. Restart Stimulator.
• Green LED –Transmit Mode
• Amber LED – Termination Mode (100 Ohms)

Test Initiated by the Remote Unit
• Details same as test initiated by Local Stimulator

Use Model
• The Stimulator has a simple user interface with two buttons and two LED indicators.
• The unit is powered ON/OFF using the Power button.
• The Mode button sets the operation mode of the Stimulator units. Only one Stimulator per cable can be transmit mode, but both Stimulators can be in termination mode at the same time.

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• Local Stimulator at power ON:
– Defaults to termination mode (Local LED – Amber)
– Waiting for remote stimulator to response (Local LED – blinking Green)
• Remote Stimulator at power ON:
– Defaults to termination mode (Local LED – Amber)
– Waiting for remote stimulator to response (Local LED – blinking Green)
• If the handshake between the Local and Remote Stimulator units is successful, then Remote LEDs for both Stimulator units will be solid Amber.
• The following Mode sequencing is applicable for both Stimulator units (upon successful handshaking):
– Pressing the Mode button on Local Stimulator will cause Local Stimulator to instruct Remote Stimulator to go into termination mode (if it is not in termination mode).
• Pressing the Mode button again, will cause local Stimulator to change into termination mode, and instruct the remote Stimulator to sweep (transmit).
• Pressing the Mode button again, will cause both Stimulator units to go into termination mode.
• This pattern repeats.
• LEDs will change to reflect current status for both Stimulator units.
• The unit is switched OFF by holding down the Power button for 5 seconds.


Alien Crosstalk Stimulator RF Output
• RF frequency range: 1 MHz to 500 MHz
• RF output power: 0.5dBm ±1.0dBm

Electrical Specification
• DC Input: 12 V, 0.5A (Use AC/DC adaptor provided with unit)
• AC Power adapter: 100 – 240V ac (Use AC/DC adapter provided with unit)
• Battery: 9V Battery, not supplied (recommended capacity at least 250 mAh)

Environmental Specification
• Operating temperature range: 10°C to + 40°C
• Storage temperature range: – 40°C to +70°C
• Maximum humidity: 95% relative humidity for temperatures to 31° C
• Operating Power: 1.3W (Existing AXT :130mA @ 10V)

Physical Dimensions
• Size 5.5” x 3.6” x 1.1” (140 x 91.4 x 27.9 mm)
• Weight 0.35 lb (160g)

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