Current post: Selling Datacom FIBERcat – We Buy New Used FIBERcat (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Datacom FIBERcat – We Buy New Used FIBERcat (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Datacom Textron FIBERcat Test&Talk Kit 4 LANcat

Datacom Textron FIBERcat Test & Talk

The all-new FIBERcat Test & Talk is Datacom Textron’s newest addition to our family of performance modules and was exclusively developed for use with the LANcat Vx, LANcat System 5 and LANcat System 6 Cable Tester and Talk Sets.

The FIBERcat Test & Talk lets you certify multimode fiber pairs by comparing 850 / 1300 nm loss, length, and propagation delay against industry standards, providing interpretation-free pass / fail results.

Buying, Selling, Trading Datacom Textron FIBERcat

The FIBERcat Test & Talk takes full advantage of the convenient features of the LANcat platform including:

  • Patented Plug-in Performance Module technology that allows you to test and certify copper and fiber with the same unit.
  • Datacom Textron’s unique Link-Talk feature that eliminates the need for 2-way radios by allowing two-way voice communications over the link being tested.
  • Datacom Textron’s unique Two-way test capability in which the same unit functions both as the tester and remote, allowing you to test the link in both directions with a twist of the dial.
  • Datacom Textron’s unique Dual-View technology that allows users at both ends of the link to view test results with the push of a button.

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