Current post: Selling Datacom Lancat 1500 – We Buy New Used Lancat 1500 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Datacom Lancat 1500 – We Buy New Used Lancat 1500 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Datacom Textron LANcat 1500 LAN Cable & Activity Tester


The LANcat 1500 is a portable, high quality test instrument that easily answers tough wiring questions when installing, expanding or troubleshooting a network.

Plug the LANcat 1500 into a cable, select the cable type, and the Autotest function test the wiring–it’s that simple. If there’s a problem, the LANcat gives an audible alarm and displays what and where the problem is.

All cabling conditions required for successful network operation are tested and reported. Near-end crosstalk (NEXT), so important to twisted pair networks, is measured with a full frequency sweep. Background noise is measured and reported only if it’s going to be a problem for network operation (otherwise it’s stored for future reporting). Attenuation is measured with a full frequency sweep. Finally, the length of the cable is measured and up to three impedence anomalies or terminator problems are noted.

Test reports name the problems found and tell where they are located. Up to 50 tests can be stored for future printing. If during a test, no significant changes are measured during a 5 minute period, the LANcat 1500 stores the results and powers down to conserve battery life. When long term traffic monitoring and noise testing are desired, the automatic power-down is disabled.

Traffic monitoring is easy. The LANcat 1500 displays the continuous percent utilization in conjunction with an active bar graph. Collisions and jabber are reported. There is also an audio feedback of network activity.

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Features and Specifications

  • Features
    • Autotest: Verifies the selected cable by performing the following tests:
      1. Background noise test.
      2. Wiring check (checks that Twisted Pairs are connected correctly).
      3. Measures near-end crosstalk and attenuation.
      4. Measures the length of the cable.
      5. Reports up to 3 impedance anomalies.
    • Noise: Counts idle chanel impulse noise above the user selectable threshold. Displays average counts per second and peak counts per second with the time of occurance. This test is performed over an extended period of time and does not automatically time out.
    • Traffic: Continuously displays percent utilization (time channel is active/total time), one second peak utilization, percent collisions, jabber detection, provides audio feedback from network traffic, and shows percent utilization on an active bar graph. This test is performed over an extended period of time and does not automatically time out.
    • Print: Stores up to 50 individual cable test results and a traffic monitoring report for external printing.
    • Custom Cable: Allows definition of connector types and NVP for up to 4 possible user defined cables.
    • Special Setup: Allows selection of the unit of length measurement (feet or meters); allows selection of minimum thresholds for background noise and impedance mismatch.
    • Self Test: Tests the LANcat 1500 for correct operation and calibration.
    • NVP: Computes the Nominal Velocity of Propagation (as a percent of light speed) for the selected user-defined cable length.
    • Length: Performs cable length computations as indicated in the Autotest mode above.
    • Wiring Check: Twisted Pair cable is checked to insure that all wires are properly connected and terminated. For Coax, characteristic impedance is computed, terminator resitance is measured and anomalies noted.
  • Hardware Features
    • Network Connectors: RJ45 (802.3 electrical specification); BNC (802.3 electrical specification).
    • Non-Volitile Memory; Lithium battery-backed CMOS memory for last setup, 4 user-defined cable types, test results from 50 cable tests, and one network utilization traffic report.
    • Printer Interface: RS232; DB9 female connector; DCE configured; user selectable 1200 to 19200 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 2 stop bits; TD, RD, CTS, DTR signals supported; non-isolated interface.
    • Input Protection: Withstands normal telephony loop, ringing and transient voltages (802.3 spec).

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