Current post: Selling Datacom Textron LANcat – We Buy New Used LANcat (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Datacom Textron LANcat – We Buy New Used LANcat (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Datacom Textron LANcat SYSTEM6 MM Fiber Tester

LANcat is the only network cable certification system with a modular design that allows you to select the test capability that meets your needs today, and to economically upgrade performance later to meet future requirements. Plug-in Performance Modules, a Datacom patented feature, provides flexibility to change the system to stay current with new standards.

The LANcat System 6 configuration, equipped with C5e Performance Modules, is the latest advancement in cable certification technology. It is the first portable cable tester able to provide performance measurements to 250MHz.

250MHz Performance Measures
LANcat System 6 is the first handheld instru-ment capable of basic link testing beyond the proposed CAT 6/Class E frequencies of 200MHzand able to provide performance verification ofEnhanced CAT 5 and Gigabit cabling performanceto 250MHz.

With C5e Performance Modules, the System 6 addsthe advanced measurements of Equal Level Far EndCrosstalk (ELFEXT), Power Sum ELFEXT, and ReturnLoss for certification of Enhanced Category 5 links (Cat 5e) to 100 MHz. In addition, 250 MHz measure-ments of Power Sum NEXT, Attenuation, and PowerSum ACR, plus Propagation Delay and Skew are alsomeasured – all critical for verified support of veryhigh data rate networks. The extended frequencytesting provides a measure of usable link band-width by determining the PS-ACR zero point.

LANcat System 6 is fully Category 5/Class D compliant per TIA/EIATSB-67 and ISO/IECcable requirements, and also provides measures of CAT 5 headroom margin.

LANcat System Features
LANcat System 6 includes all the features and conveniences that are LANcat trademarks, including:

  • Simple to Learn and Use
    • Cable certification has never been easier. Simply turn the dial to AUTOTEST and in 20 seconds observe the results. No confusing keypads or multi-layer menus to slow you down. Summary and detailed test results and graphs are clearly displayed. The brightlybacklit LCD display is particularly useful in areas of low ambient light. The built-in Cable Toner facilitates location of cable ends with a common inductive amplifier/probe. Store up to 400 AUTOTESTS in each handset (800 total) for later recall or upload to PC.
  • Test and Talk With One Instrument
    • LinkTalk provides voice communications over the cable under test, automatically finding usable wires, even if the cable is miswired. LinkTalk includes built-in microphones, individual earphones, volume controls, and Call Alert signal. Miniature audio jacks on the Handsets accept any conventional headset. LinkTalkkeeps you talking even in buildings that prevent use of 2-way radios.
  • Dual Instrument Displays
    • DualView instrument displays provide full graphic displays at both main and remote units. An excellent aid for troubleshooting cable problems.
  • High Confidence Testing
    • Plug-in Performance Modules provide an optimized interface to the cable under test and minimize measurement errors. Performance Modules allow easy connection to 110 Blocks, BIX Blocks, ALL-LAN (Mini-C) jacks, coax, and fiber-optic cable. Testers can be calibrated in the field for maximum accuracy, and provide Pair Reversal and Repeatability functions to verify unit performance.
  • Test Fiber
    • Each LANcat Handset can be converted to a precision, optical power meter with the optional FIBERcatTM Performance Module. FIBERcat is capable of measuring optical loss for both multimode and singlemode fiber. FIBERcat measures 850 nm, 1300 / 1310 nm, and 1550 nm wavelengths with 0.1 dB resolution and provides result storage.
  • Better Power Options
    • LANcat Handsets offer the convenience of operation from either common alkaline AA cells, AC/mains adapter, or an optional, rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery pack.
  • Report Manager Software
    • Datacom’s Report Manager Software (RMS) allows quick and easy uploading of test reports. RMS automatically establishes a serial link with the PC and provides a simple, intuitive interface for summarizing, sorting and printing test reports. RMS is fully Windows95/NT compatible.
  • Power (each Handset)
    • Standard: 12 hours operation (>800 Autotests) from 8 AA alkaline batteries
    • Optional: Removable, rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • Size (each Handset)
    • 9.6 x 3.9 x 2.5 in. (31 x 9.9 x 6.3 cm)
  • Weight (each Handset)
    • 1 lb. 15 oz. (0.88 kg)

Buying, Selling, Trading Datacom Textron LANcat


  • Datacom Textron LANcat System 6 Main
  • Datacom Textron LANcat System 6 Remote
  • Enhanced Cat5 / 250MHz Links
  • LANcat 250MHz Calibration Module
  • Datacom FiberCat Meter (850, 1300, 1550)
  • Noyes OLS 1 Optical Light Source (850, 1300)
  • MM ST-ST Fiber Cable
  • Datacom Report Manager Software
    • Datacom Report Manager Software Manual
  • Headset RS232 PC Interface Cable
  • RJ-45 Coupler
  • Carrying Straps
  • (2) AC Adapter/Charger
  • Hard Copy Manual
  • Hard Carrying Case With Keys

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