Current post: Selling Datacom Textron Lancat V Cat5 – We Buy New Used Lancat V Cat5 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Datacom Textron Lancat V Cat5 – We Buy New Used Lancat V Cat5 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Datacom Textron LANcat System6 Cat6 Cable Tester

High accuracy is needed to get reliable conformance certification of your new Category 5 LAN cabling installation. LANcat V is the only LAN field cable tester with the accuracy required to adequately test installed UTP and STP network links to Category 5 specifications.
The TIA Link Performance Task Group TR-41.8.1 has identified signal imbalance and residual NEXT as primary contributors to NEXT measurement errors in “first generation” Category 5 cable testers. The LANcat V is the first portable cable tester designed expressly to minimize these error sources and to permit high confidence testing of Category 5 cabling.

All the important functions that are needed to accurately test Category 5 wiring are included. Under Autotest, the LANcat V performs Wire Map, Near-End-Crosstalk (NEXT), Attenuation, Length, Resistance, Characteristic Impedance, and Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio (ACR) tests for cable certification. Each test can also be run individually for diagnostic troubleshooting. Impedance Test detects up to three impedance discontinuities – useful for isolating cable damage. Under Quick CheckTM mode, an abbreviated test sequence of Wire Map, Length, NEXT and Attenuation is completed in less than 20 seconds for quick installation verification.

All common cable types are supported. For the installer, service technician or LAN support specialist, the LANcat V is the one tester ideal for all types of LAN media or topology including UTP (Cat 3, 4, 5), STP, screened twisted pair, and coax.

The LANcat V can store 500 test results for later printing or download to a PC. Each test record includes a time and date stamp plus a user assigned circuit ID name.

The LANcat V was designed for maximum ease of use. The unique rotary function selector makes testing easy even for inexperienced users. A single remote unit allows fast, easy and accurate test setup. The large LCD display is backlighted to facilitate use in dimly lighted areas and Flash ROM permits easy firmware upgrades in the field.

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CABLE TESTS:The LANcat V certifies UTP and STP to EIA/TIA Standards. It also certifies coaxial, UTP and STP to IEEE and EC/ISO requirements. Tests performed include:
Cable Length (via TDR)
Wire Mapping
Near End Crosstalk (NEXT)
Attenuation-to-Crosstalk Ratio (ACR)
Impulse Noise
Traffic (Ethernet Only)
Characteristic Impedance
EIA / TIA-568 Cat 3 UTP
EIA / TIA-568 Cat 4 UTP
EIA / TIA-568 Cat 5 UTP
4 16 Mbps Token Ring
ISOIIEC 11801 Class CID
10BASE-5 coax
RG-58 coax
10BASE-2 coax
RG-59 coax
RG-62 coax
Range: 4000ft (1220m) Coax, 3000ft (915m) UTP & STP
Accuracy: +- 2ft (0.6m), 0-200ft (60m), +- 1%, 201-4000ft (61-1220m)
NVP (Nominal Velocity of Propagation): 0.50c to 0.99c, factory settings adjustable by the user.
Cable Fault Types: Shorts, Opens, Intermediate Impedance Anomalies.
Number Of Faults: End Of Cable and two Intermediate Anomalies.
Fault Threshold. User defined, 4% to 10% (7% default).
CALIBRATE NVP (Based on cable of known length)
Minimum Length: 50ft
Range: 0.50c to 0.99c
WIRE MAPPING (Twisted Pair Wiring Only) Displays Following Errors: Miswired Pairs, Shorts, Opens, Shorted Pairs, Crossed Pairs and Split Pairs. Includes test of shield.
NEAR-END-CROSSTALK (NEXT) (Tests all six pair combinations)
Frequency Range: 0.77MHz to 10OMHz
Measurement Range: 0 to -6OdB
Accuracy: +/- 0.7dB
ATTENUATION (Tests all four pair combinations one way)
Frequency Range: 0.77MHz to 10OMHz
Measurement Range: 0 to -6OdB
Accuracy. +/- 0.7dB
ATTENUATION-TO-CROSSTALK RATIO: ACR is calculated for each pair over the full frequency range per test specification selected.
RESISTANCE: DC resistance of each conductor is measured.
Range: 0 to 100OU
Accuracy. +/- 1%
IMPULSE NOISE: Counts impulse noise hits above user defined threshold.
Threshold.- User defined, 1OOmV to 5OOmV peak (26OmV default)
TRAFFIC (Ethernet Only)
Parameters Monitored.
% Utilization
% Collisions
Peak Traffic
Other Features: Continuous bar graph to display activity.
CHARACTERISTIC IMPEDANCE: (Measured for each pair using a TDR pulse.)
Range: 40 to 180Q
Accuracy: +/-10 Q
Standard: RJ45 male
Options: RJ45 female, BNC coax or STP (IBM Type 1)
Cable and Connector.- DB-9
Baud rate: 300 to 38,400
Protocol: Parity – Even, Odd, None
Length: 8 Bits
Flow Control: Hardware and Software
Standard: Eight AA Alkaline Batteries
Option: Nickel Metal Hydride pack
Battery Life: 8 hours typical use.
Low Battery Indicator. Audible alarm plus LCD display.
Automatic Power-down: 30 seconds to 10 minutes of inactivity (selectable).
AC adapter: Supplied
Display. 128 x 64 pixel backlit graphic LCD
Operating Controls: 10 position rotary function selector.
Keypad: Elastomeric, dedicated functions, and 4 soft functions.
Audible Alarm: Operator Enabled/Disabled
Memory. Storage space for 500 test results.
Imprint. Date and time on all tests
Non-Volatile Memory. Lithium battery backed memory for setup, test results and NVP values.

(2) Datacom Lancat V TwoWay Tester
Datacom Lancat V Performance Calibration Module 100 MHz
(2) Datacom Lancat V Performance Module Jack Cat5 Channel
Datacom Report Manager Software
RJ45 Coupler
(2) AC Adapter/ Charger
RS-232 PC Interface Cable
Hard Copy User Manual
Soft Carrying Case

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