Current post: Selling Fluke Microtest – We Buy New Used Microtest (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Fluke Microtest – We Buy New Used Microtest (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Fluke Microtest 2Way Injector Plus

Microtest PentaScanner, PentaScanner Plus, and PentaScanner 350 Cat-5 Cable Tester with 2-Way Injector Plus (Only 2 Way Injector Plus included)

Extremely accurate Category 5 cable certifier and tester. Its fast Auto Test (21 seconds), 500 test memory and quick change battery pack mean high productivity for high volume certification of an install. Its in-depth testing and reporting are excellent for troubleshooting subtle problems. Its easy-to-use menus and on-line help make for great productivity. The PentaScanner 350 measures Quality Bands from 1 to 7, with 1 being a marginally passing Category 5 link and 7 being the highest link performance available today. This will indicate links that marginally pass and may require rewiring to links that are highly reliable and can meet future performance requirements. Includes the 2-Way Injector+, which provides full two-way testing which greatly speeds certification time.

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Additional Specifications:
* Link Performance
* Noise: Impulse Noise Peak to Peak Noise
* Wire Map
* Length
* Impedance
* Loop Resistance
* Capacitance
* High Voltage Input/Protection
* Return Loss (RL) and PowerSum NEXT (PSNEXT) measurement

* EIA/TIA TSB-67 Level II and ISO Compliant
* Category 5 tester with 350 MHz Performance Grading
* 21-second Autotest
* Measurement Ports: BNC and 36-pin connector that withstands in excess of 20,000 mating cycles
* Memory: test storage of up to 500 complete Autotest results
* Autotest Functions: TIA TSB-67, ISO Class C, D, 10-Base T, Token Ring, Fast Ethernet, ATM 155 etc.
Up to 20 user definable Autotest programs
* Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT): Tests all six pair combinations Frequency range 0.7 to 100 MHz
* Attenuation: Tests all four pairs using far end active signal injection Frequency range 1.0 to 100 MHz

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