Current post: Selling Ideal 1310 SM – We Buy New Used 1310 SM (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Ideal 1310 SM – We Buy New Used 1310 SM (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Ideal 1310 SM Tracetek Fiber Adapter

IDEAL 1310 SM Tracetek Adapter
With TRACETEK™, the LANTEK® series of cable certifiers can now troubleshoot fiber optic installations.

Troubleshooting fiber has traditionally been done with an OTDR, but now TRACETEK offers a much simpler and cost-effective solution. TRACETEK can graphically display the fiber under test allowing pin-point location of events and faults on multimode and singlemode cables without the high costs normally associated with buying or renting an OTDR. Time on the job is further reduced with simple one-button operation.

TRACETEK works by injecting pulsed laser light into one end of the fiber and measuring the amount of light that is reflected back from events along the fiber cable. These reflections are then processed and plotted on the LANTEK 1/4 VGA color display.

Events, like connectors, show up as spikes on the display. A bad splice will result in more light being reflected back, thus geneating a bigger spike. The amplitude of the spike gives an indication of optical return loss, thus identifying the trouble spot. While using TRACETEK, a cursor can scroll along the trace to provide a reading of distance to the event.

TRACETEK can graphically display and store fiber traces. LANTEK Reporter Software provides file management, report generation, and printing of all test results. TRACETEK is the only fiber accessory for a LAN cable certifier that will trace a fiber run, provide distance-to-fault along the fiber and display the relative magnitude of the event.

When used together, TRACETEK and  FIBERTEK Adapters provide LANTEK series of cable certifiers a unique combination of fiber measurement, documentation and trouble shooting capabilities. It is a cost effective fiber certification solution to meet the requirements of the proposed TIA TSB-140.

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  • Provides an easy to use troubleshooting capability for fiber optic cables
  • Illustrates distance-to-fault by providing magnitude and distance of reflective events
  • Presents graphical information of fiber under test—similar to an expensive OTDR
  • Measures total fiber length without remote handset or second operator
  • Requires only one LAN cable certifier for copper and fiber testing and troubleshooting

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