Current post: Selling Ideal Category 7 TERA – We Buy New Used Category 7 TERA (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Ideal Category 7 TERA – We Buy New Used Category 7 TERA (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Ideal Category 7 TERA Test Adapters

IDEAL Category 7 TERA Adapters
IDEAL has taken a fresh approach in designing the Link Adapters for the LANTEK 7 LAN Cable testers. The Test Adapters look like traditional Channel Adapters but are more powerful because they are used for Calibration, as well as Permanent Link and Channel testing.Reduction of the Cost of ownership
By Using the same Adapter for Cat 7 Tera Channel testing and Cat 7 Tera Permanent Link Testing, LanTek 7 users also have four less Adapters to buy. And when a Connector vendor requires that the test be run with Adapters using the vendor’s proprietary plug, chances are that only a new Reference Patchcord had to be purchased, and not new Adapters.

Reduction in Product Complexity
With the Lantek 7 there are fewer Adapters to manage. That means less confusion when ordering, and less temptation to leave some of the adapters “back at the office, including the one you currently need.

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Reduction in Adapter connector wear
The connector between the Adapter and the test unit is a 160-pin connector. IDEAL has reduced the wear on this connector in two ways: First, the Adapter is secured to the tester by a unique connection method developed by IDEAL (patent pending). When the Adapter is inserted and locked, there is absolutely no flexing of the 160-pin connection during day-to-day usage. Further, because the Adapters are multi-use, there are fewer times when the adapter has to be switched, further reducing wear

Reduction of Maintenance costs
Installers all know that testing of Permanent Links requires multiple plug insertions as you move from Link to Link. Repeated insertions cause the plug to wear necessitating its replacement. Previously, this meant that the Adapter set had to be replaced. With the LanTek 7, only the Reference Patchcord has to be replaced, at considerably less expense.

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