Current post: Selling Ideal FiberTEK – We Buy New Used FiberTEK (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Ideal FiberTEK – We Buy New Used FiberTEK (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Ideal FiberTEK MM FDX VCSEL Laser Modules LanTek 2

IDEAL 0012-00-0676 FiberTEK FDX Multimode (850/1300nm)  with VCSEL/laser light sources for laser optimized fiber, 850nm VCSEL, 1300nm FP laser

VSCEL/laser sources have a high dynamic range for certification of links greater than 2kM in length.

Time Saving Fiber Certification

The FiberTEK FDX option allows users to add full Tier 1, standards compliant fiber certification capability to the LanTEK II certifier. Tier 1 certification utilizes a light source and power meter to measure the power loss of optical cabling. FiberTEK FDX modules incorporate dual light sources and a wide range power meter to allow testing loss of fiber links as well as to measure the light emitted from active network equipment for troubleshooting.

The full-duplex FiberTEK FDX represents the pinnacle of fiber optic certification, saving time and simplifying documentation by completely eliminating the need to swap launch cords or swap modules. The unique fullduplex operation tests a single strand of fiber at two wavelengths and in both directions, plus measures the length with one press of the Autotest button. This means that for each fiber, five test parameters are saved for each cable ID making it the easiest to use fiber certifier ever.
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Simplified Testing

Unlike other fiber certification add-ons that require up to four separate testing steps to test each fiber at both wavelengths and in both directions, FiberTEK FDX can accomplish this task in one easy step. FiberTEK FDX revolutionizes the whole fiber certification process by utilizing a sophisticated full duplex optical module that lets each fiber be certified in one simple step with no reversing of patch cords or swapping of optical modules. Four attenuation measurements plus length in one press of the Autotest button. The simplest way to certify fiber.

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