Current post: Selling Ideal LanTEK 6 – We Buy New Used LanTEK 6 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Ideal LanTEK 6 – We Buy New Used LanTEK 6 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Ideal LanTEK 6 6A 7 7G SM MM Fiber Adapters


The multimode 850nm/1300nm LanTek fiber adapters are the perfect solution for certifying or troubleshooting fiber backbones and fiber to the desktop installations in commercial buildings or campus environments. Working with LANTEK® 6 & 7, it measures signal loss and length over Multimode fiber. With an easy fiber adapter switch, it can support dual wavelength and bidirectional testing.

Using adapters, the LANTEK display unit can measure length in the loop-back mode. Using it in both the display and remote units, the system can measure signal loss and length with dual wavelength and bi-directional capabilities.

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SinglemodeThe Singlemode kit contains two adapters, a 1310 nm Fabry Perot laser with receiver and a 1550 nm Fabry Perot laser source with receiver. Using only one of the adapters, in the display unit, length and delay can be measured in loop-back mode. Using both the display and remote units enables signal loss, dual wavelength, and bi-directional measurements.Two methods are available for computing loss budget. The installer can input the type of fiber under test and the number of connectors and splices and have the loss budget automatically calculated. Or the user can input the loss value for each connector and splice to explicitly determine the loss budget. The adapters fit entirely into the display and remote units and lock into place. There are no bulky adapters extending from the end of the units, creating a product that is easy to handle and producing accurate and repeatable results.

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